Why people in your home town won’t pay your rates


April 6, 2020

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Today we are going to discuss pricing, raising your rates and how to get clients to pay your prices!

One of the MOST common sentences I hear is, “people in my area just won’t pay my prices.” or “People in my town don’t value me or think I’m worth my pricing.”

Trust me,  there was a point in my career that I was thinking this daily and almost quit photography because of it.

Yes, new photographers will be out there charging less than you.. and they will be booking those sessions, BUT, they could be doing things you may not be doing even though their work may not be on your level.

There are several key factors that go in to what could help you charge more or have your clients paying what you are requesting from them.

How is your client management? Are you keeping in touch consistently? You need to be replying to a client within the first hour of contact if not then within 3 hours. Remember, they are most likely looking at several photographers and whoever replies to them first tends to be who they go with. Not always of course, but fast replies do help put you in the first of being booked!

It’s good not to talk to one person on 4 different types of media. Use email or a phone to keep base with clients. If they inquire through Instagram, Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, make them email or call you. This way you can keep up with their messages and what is said between of two of you.

Is your website clear? Are you able to navigate and is it user friendly on a mobile phone?  Does it have updated images with the best photos you are proud of? Many of my clients don’t even live in my own town. It’s because I am always on my website keeping it active, up to date.. and also updating my social media and staying active. However you cannot rely on social media alone to get you clients you need a clean website and a blog to promote yourself!

Something that is very professional is having a brochure made and ready to send to clients. I personally list my beginning rates on my website so they are aware of my minimum pricing and I have brochures for each category ready to send in my first email when I reply to a potential client. This answers several questions with an FAQ added and typically if they respond it’s because they want to book me. Welcome packages, vendor packets and styling guides are a fabulous way to stand out that many photographers don’t do.

List these in your price guides as extra perks they get for booking you.

Just because you are a talented photographer doesn’t always mean you will get the client. You need a business mindset to go behind this. Knowing marketing will really help boost your business and bring in those dream clients you’re looking to work with!

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