Resources and discount codes for photographers!
These are companies and use in my day to day business! Some of these recommendations have discount codes and links to help you in starting your photography business!

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This is what I use in my business day in and day out!

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For the business



Show It



For Photo Editing

Adobe Lightroom 

Adobe Photoshop

Photo Mechanic

Skylum Luminar

Final Cut Pro

Adobe Premiere Pro

Adobe AfterEffects

In my camera bag

Canon + Sony Gear

Lenses: 35, 85, 70-200mm

Godox Flashes

Broncolor Studio Lighting

 Hold Fast Camera Strap

Macbook Pro

White Marble Flat-lay Background

Discount Code

Discount Code

Discount Code

In the 12 years I have been doing photography, through trial and error I have learned what has and hasn’t worked for me and my business. It's crucial that you give your clients a safe and fun environment where they can be themselves and feel open being themselves. You have to learn who you are as a creator to give your clients that one of a kind experience that other photographers haven't learned in their careers. That is what will set you apart from the hobbyists. Investing in your career is the first step in growing and becoming the photographer or entrepreneur you are aspiring to be. 

You will always find yourself growing and constantly wanting to adapt to who you are, and who you are becoming. This will reflect into your business and show in your work. There is more to photography than clicking a button. Photography is adapting we live in a world where everyone is a "photographer." Set yourself apart. Message me and we can focus on your needs to expand your career!

1:1 Mentorships


We will discuss your online presence! Youtube, Instagram, Linked in, Twitter, Facebook, and targeting the right audience for your business.

Haven't started yet? I can help set you up for success! We will go over your website, social media, branding and your wording on 3 select platforms.

Lightroom Overview:
My presets are included in this mentorship! Thats right! We will spend 1 hour of this call editing and going over Lightroom/photoshop using your very own raw images! 

We will go over emails, your marketing material and how to do business with clients from start to finish. I will share with you websites you can use to style clients, and how to talk clients into letting you style them!

$400 deposit + contract to book, final balance due the day before zoom call.

hour long Zoom Call

Investment + Tax



We will meet at a local cafe or restaurant and sit down with our laptops and discuss your business for 2 hours before we venture off to a photoshoot designed specifically for you.

We will discuss the type of session you are looking to shoot, contact a model/family/etc. style them, select a location and photograph them in the environment of your desired theme and idea.

I will shoot along side you, and help you by showing what I would typically do on that photoshoot and explain why it is I am doing what I do and educate and help you when photographing your clients.

After, I will video myself editing 3-5 of my favorite photos with voice over from this session with presets I will give to you.

($500 deposit + contract to book, final balance due the day before our session)

Travel fees do apply when traveling over one hour outside of Jackson, Mississippi.


Investment + Tax



guides to transform your photography business

Downloads just for you

The 4-Hour Workweek // by Tim Ferris 

Do More Better // by Tim Challies 

Purple Cow // by Seth Godin 

Atomic Habits // by James Clear

Big Magic // by Elizabeth Gilbert 

The War of Art // by Steven Pressfield

Books to Transform Your Business