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December 6, 2017

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Do you ever feel uninspired?

I won’t lie, I have been in an uninterested, uninspired, depressive funk several times.

Due to multiple things in my life, becoming really against taking photos to the point I just took a smooth break from it all.

But who was it hurting in the long run? Me! Thats who.

Nothing caught my attention and I felt used every time I would pull out my camera to the point I only wanted to sleep my days away.

I know sometimes it’s easy to get into that self pity, depression, “why can’t it be me” type of feeling.

Nothing in your town inspiring you, everything’s been done type of sensation…. it’s all around yuck.

But I’m here to tell you.. there are so many things in this world that have beauty, creativity,

and have a reasoning to keep you doing what you do.

Sometimes it may seem far away.. the inspiration may be dead.. you may struggle finding reason why you want to photograph or continue whatever trade it may be.. but I promise that passion will come back.

For me I may be in a rut, unsure of the next step.. but I know as long as I am trying it’s going to always fall in my lap again.

Looking I played The Crow and the Butterfly on repeat for weeks.

Several of their lyrics really pulled at me.

I’ve hovered on those words for some time… for that song.. sometimes laying around visualizing this person in this scenario of their life… when I took this photo I knew that was my inspiration for the photograph, was that song.

Sometimes it’s something so simple that can ignite a flame in someone.

I’m really happy with these photos. Fairy lights are my new go to addition to my photographs!

50mm 1.4 + T6i + Lightroom + Photoshop

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