Spooktacular Halloween Paper Towel Holder Crafts: DIY Creations for a Haunting Season


August 6, 2023

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Ah, Halloween – a monstrous season of spooky shenanigans, creepy costumes, and sweet treats. When it comes to reveling in the festivities, there’s no better way than unleashing the DIY beast within! And oh, to do so with the humble paper towel holder – now that’s a brilliant sorcery! *insert dramatic witch cackle* So, if you’re ready to embrace the magic of Halloween, kindle your love for DIY, and create quirktastic masterpieces from ordinary paper towel holders, then buckle up, witches (and wizards, ghouls, and skeletons too) – it’s time to get crafty! Picture this – you’re perusing your haunted house, secretly gloating over your genius transformation of the bathroom’s paper towel holder into a ghoulish pumpkin. As you chuckle to yourself, your guests gawk in wonder, marveling at your crafty prowess. “How on earth did they do that?!” they gasp. Oh, but the fun has only just begun! From pumpkins to Frankensteins, mummies and vampires, we’ve got you covered with an array of step-by-step Spooktacular Paper Towel Holder Crafts to create your very own DIY Halloween wonderland. So grab your magic wand – erm, we mean hot glue gun – and let’s dive into a realm where toilet paper holders become the stuff of legend and frightful fun! Enough of the intro, witches (and DIY enthusiasts). It’s time to roll up those sleeves and delve headfirst into some toilet paper roll transformation that will leave your house guests spellbound!

The Rationale behind Paper Towel Holder Crafts

Ah, upcycling! That’s the fancy word for making your junk look like a Pinterest board. Let’s be real, who doesn’t have a stockpile of paper towel rolls just yearning to be transformed into something spooktacular? Alright, I see some hands down back there. You, who threw away your paper towel rolls, sit down; we have a lot to discuss. Firstly, let’s revisit our age-old childhood philosophy: “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” Pretty deep for a bunch of five-year-old pirates, huh? But there’s a goldmine in our trash cans, specially when it comes to these handy dandy roles. With a touch of creativity, you can turn these rolls into Halloween decorations that could scare the frosting off a ghost cupcake. Think about it. Why spend a fortune on expensive Halloween decorations when you can whip up something far cooler with fewer bills? With just the bits and bobs around your house, you’ll have enough material to create a DIY Halloween saga. The best part, however, is probably the smugness you’ll feel each time a visitor asks, “Oh, this is cool! Where did you buy it?” and you reply, “Buy it? My friend, I birthed it!” No, seriously. When did spending tons of money become more artistic than creating tangible memories? Let’s roll up our sleeves and dig into the trash. It’s time for an upcycling revolution. The only thing in your shopping cart should be paint and a smug smile. After all, it’s time we took some serious life inspiration from these paper towel rolls. I mean, who knew a life of wiping wet hands and cleaning kitchen counters could be transformed into a haunting Halloween adventure? Talk about setting life goals! Now, who’s ready to ditch the store aisle and transform their trash can into Aladdin’s cave?

Kicking Off The Halloween Spookfest: The Pumpkin Holder

Hell’s bells, here comes the mother of all Halloween crafts – a pumpkin that glows! Not so fast, this is not your usual pump-me-up with a candle sort of pumpkin. This is a pumpkin made of – wait for it – TOILET PAPER ROLLS. Yes, this is the time when we raise the dead… err… the discarded rolls. We will need the usual suspects: a few paper rolls, paint, acrylic if you please, in the hot and bold orange. Additionally, you will need to gather black and green cardstock and some XO glue. Got some Googly eyes lying around? Grab those too! Now, paint those rolls a fiery orange – talk about a pumpkin revival. The next step into this orange crush? Cut out some spooky eyes, a sneaky smirk, and a cute triangle nose from black cardstock. Don’t forget to glue them on well, else you’ll have a blind and faceless pumpkin. Then, slice a stem off from a leftover roll and glue it on top. Even a pumpkin needs a crown, right? As for finishing touches, how about some dramatic curls? Pull out that strip of green cardstock and let’s get curling. It’s going to look so cool beside the stem that we’ll have swirl-envy! Just a little pro tip – get Elmers Xtreme glue for your pumpkin’s ‘do. Trust me, you don’t want your punk pumpkin losing its hair in a Halloween showdown. And there you have it, your fiery, punk-rock pumpkin holder, ready to make Halloween a memorable affair! Now, let’s party like it’s winter and the pumpkin’s never going to get smashed!

Channeling The Inner Monster: Frankenstein Holder

So, you’ve successfully armed yourself with an orange pumpkin. You’re probably drunk with power, aren’t you? Well, hold onto your witches’ hats because we’re off to channel our inner monsters. (Don’t actually wear a witch’s hat; it’s too early for that). For the Frankenstein Holder, you need a paper roll, lime green paint (preferably a tone that sends chills down your spine), and some black construction paper for that enigmatic eyebrow and smile. Add those googly eyes you have lying around (don’t lie, we all have googly eyes stashed somewhere), and you’re ready to start giving Dr. Frankenstein a run for his money. Firstly, slather that paper roll in lime green paint. If you’re not cackling maniacally by now, you’re doing it wrong. Then, channel your inner Picasso to cut out some eyebrows and a smile from the black construction paper. Channel your deranged scientist by gluing those googly eyes right on top of the eyebrows and boasting, “It’s ALIVE!” For some dashing locks that can woo any Bride of Frankenstein away, cut a strip of black construction paper, and add some zig-zag patterns at the bottom. Now, lug this creature’s hair onto his head. Voila! You now have Frankenstein graciously inhabiting your bathroom. And here’s a Pro Tip from one Halloween enthusiast to another. To give your Frankenstein that extra ‘bolt’ of personality, why not add some made-up bolts using leftover silver paint on the sides of his head? It’s all in the little details, folks. Now sit back, grab another sip of your pumpkin spice latte, and revel in the glory that is your DIY Halloween Frankenstein Holder. Just remember to keep him far from fire, we all know how that story ends. Onto the next creature we go!

Fascination of the mummys: The Mummy Holder

Oh boy! Now we are getting into the Halloween spirit. Strap in your seat belts or broomsticks, because now we are diving into the realm of mummies. Scoff at your fear of unraveling bandages because it’s now or never! For your DIY Mummy Holder, you’ll need an empty paper roll, googly eyes (because nothing screams ‘Mummy’ louder than wide-awake googlies), toilet paper or tissue roll (to give it the mummified look), some toothpicks (to keep things intact), and your trusty glue. Let me guide you to bid a DIY hello to “Mummy dearest”. Start by goggling the roll. These googlies are the windows to our mummy’s soul, and you know what they say, the googlier, the better! Now to wrap up things (literally) by taking your toilet paper and drape your roll in it. Play “wrap the Mummy” but make sure to leave those googly eyes peeping! As far as Pro Tips go, here’s one from my Granny’s secret book of Halloween hacks – make it aged! Your mummy just rose from a thousand-year sleep, it got to look the part. Splash it with some tea or coffee, make it look like it has lived to tell the tale. Add some kinks and tatters here and there to add that scared-for-a-thousand-years essence. Next craft – we are invoking the primal danger of the night, our friendly neighbourhood blood sucker – the Vampire! But remember, if your mummy doesn’t scare your neighbors into giving you more candy, tell them its curse is worse than its scare. Everyone knows not to mess with a mummy!

Let the Creatures of the Night Rise: The Vampire

Let’s put the “eeek!” in our squeaky, crafty vampire narrative, shall we? Whoever said you need to spend a fortune on Halloween decor clearly never met a thrifty artist with a bunch of leftover toilet paper rolls! For this captivating creature of the night, you’ll need quite the amusing arsenal. Gather around: a suitable paper roll, paint (let’s go wild with a bit of lavender, shall we?), black and white cardstock, medium-sized googly eyes (because why not), sharpies, red glitter paper to add that Dracula-esque dash, and your trusty glue. To steal the show at your spooky soirée with your very own Count Chocula, follow the footsteps of Nosferatu himself. Meticulously dab your paper roll with the paint of your choice. While it dries, let’s turn our attention towards our vampire’s fabulous hair. Fashion it in true Elvis Presley pomp from black construction paper and get sticking. Don’t forget the prominent widow’s peak – it’s literally the high point of vampire fashion. Proceed to glue on those googly eyes while ensuring they promise a hypnotic gaze. Caught your breath yet? Good. Now draw that irresistible smirk that says, “Yes, I did just dazzle you with my charm.” Don’t forget those iconic fangs. A little gnash and nibble at the white cardstock and voila! Aren’t they looking sharp? A red glitter bow added to the front hints at a touch of aristocracy, and a cut-out large triangle from the red cardstock provides a magnificent cape because…why not, right? Now, these are merely suggestions. Feel free to unleash your creativity while keeping in mind that vampires are very particular about their appearance. So, make sure it’s as suave as it is scary, as dashing as it is deadly! Just a tip, adding a monocle could escalate their “fang-tastic” fashion. But remember, when it comes to Halloween, it doesn’t matter if your creations are less Bram Stoker and more Sesame Street!

Conclusion: Now, Step back and admire!

Well, there you have it! You’ve just channeled your inner Van Helsing, embalmed a mummy, created a creature from the deep, and given life to a pumpkin – all while remaining fabulously crafty! Isn’t it weird how a couple of mundane toilet paper rolls transformed into a monstrous posse? Remember, it’s not the destination but the journey and the fact that you didn’t glue your fingers together. So here’s what to do next: 1. Throw glitter around. 2. Shout “Happy Halloween!” 3. Realize you now have to clean up the glitter. Now that your Halloween spirit is high (and the glitter is firmly encrusted in your carpet), why not spread the sparkle? Give your neighbours a good scare by gifting them one of your creations. They’ll scream – either from fear because of your spooky skills or laughter because of your glitter shower aftermath. Weigh in on which caused the biggest fright! Have your very own DIY Halloween craft you find particularly haunting? Share it with us, and who knows, next year your creation could be the newest sensation joining the Paper Towel Holder Ranks! And remember, the craftier, the spookier, the better!

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