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March 30, 2020

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Have you spent hours posting images to your blogs?

Have you pushed off posting weddings or other big posts to your website because you know it’s going to take forever designing it and you just “don’t want to do it today?”

Yall, I have been there…

but lucky for you I found a way to solve that problem for you and I both!!!!!

If you’re a photographer and you use the blogging feature on your site, square space, wordpress, blogger, etc.. you know it can take upwards to 2 hours to upload images to those galleries!

Talk about procrastination…

We don’t have time for any of that…

Here’s an answer to your prayers—-


now first off, I’m sorry my PC friends.. this is only available  for Mac.

This is a downloadable software that you can use it with no wifi needed.

So, first things first… WELCOME.

You will first type in the name of your blog and connect it to the album you’ll be using the files from.

After that, you can drag and drop images into the workspace.

Whats so nice about this program is that you can change the way you build images and make them look different throughout the blog instead of just having a single image, double images, repeat. You can put 3, 4, 5, etc images and change it up.

The files are individual so you aren’t having to pin collages anymore. It’s so nice and pleasing if you’re only wanting to share one file on pinterest.

You can enter SEO to each individual file as well, keywords, etc. to describe your images.

You can crop, add text, and make the posts customizable however, I don’t always use this when I am posting blogs. I typically use this solely for photos.

Now, this does come for a small fee.

Pricing begins at $6!

Begin your free trial here

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