OAK | Sandridge Barn Venue


April 2, 2016

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Getting to photograph some of the JEA Models from Jackson Mississippi was a complete blast. They are very young and full of so much talent! Morgan is going places and the fact I was able to photograph her at least once was definitely one for my bucket list! These floral arrangements from OAK are KILLER! I know who I will be hiring when its my big day!!!   2016_04_01_TD_PHOTOS__9_602016_04_01_TD_PHOTOS__9_172016_04_01_TD_PHOTOS__9_1302016_04_01_TD_PHOTOS__9_5922016_04_01_TD_PHOTOS__9_5312016_04_01_TD_PHOTOS__9_2872016_04_01_TD_PHOTOS__9_2272016_04_01_TD_PHOTOS__9_632016_04_01_TD_PHOTOS__9_127

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