How to find Models for Photoshoots


April 29, 2020

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Whether you have been shooting for 1 month or 1 year.. finding models can sometimes be a difficulty in the photography industry. If you are more advanced, you may be looking to work with models with a more professional background, or if you’re starting out you may want to work with someone who is also new the the industry. Here are a few websites you can utilize to find models for your photography. Before we begin please note, meeting people from the internet is not always safe. Never go on a shoot alone when meeting a stranger, do your research and make sure your sources are liable.


Instagram is a WONDERFUL tool, and is my most popular way of scouting potential models for my photoshoots. You can look on mutual friends profiles, companies tagged section, followers of friends and companies. There are SO many different ways to use instagram to connect with models. When I’m traveling I find this to be the best way to search for people in the area I am going to. Using tags, stories and feed posts for model calls and more, you can find models pretty easily on Instagram.

Facebook/Facebook Groups:

This is a more local approach. In my community we have a local modeling Facebook group and artist group that has several people looking to model. A lot of these people tend to be new trying to get into the industry or want to just do it for fun. Asking for friends and family to model if you’re starting out, Facebook is a great way to ask and connect with new people.

Model Mayhem:

Model Mayhem is another good website. However, this one CAN be sketchy.. so I say to proceed with caution. This website is specifically for finding models, photographers, stylists, make up artists, and more. You can put if you expect to be paid, free (TFP), or if you are willing to pay your models. This is a little more elevated than instagram because everyone on here is looking to model in all types of genres. You can pay for a pro membership or use their free service.

One Model Place:

I personally have not used this site, however it does look identical to Model Mayhem! You can also pay for a membership or just use their free service.


Working with an Agency is the best way to connect with professional models. You can request to test shoot with their new faces or pay to work with their seasoned models. If you wish to enhance your portfolio, this is the best and safest way to go about it!


YouTube is a good way to network, if you have a following you might can peak the interest of fellow youtubers to Collab with or get to know them and try to connect in other ways!

Friends of Friends:

This is another local approach to connect with people in your home town. Going back to Facebook, make a model casting call and ask friends to tag their friends in your post! I have found this to be the best way  to connect with new faces without having to pay to work with models. This is the best way starting out to get your name out there especially if you wish to do something along the lines of Wedding photography or family/portrait photography!
I hope after reading this, it’s given you some new ideas to begin or continue your journey with photography!

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