April 23, 2018

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I’m excited to show you guys my DIY gender reveal!!

I’m also going to tell you how to do a gender reveal on a budget if you’re trying to do something cute, but don’t want to get too expensive!!

Click Here for a kit for all of the table props

Tristan duplichain photography jackson mississippi gender reveal

These precious signs came from party city!

But you can purchase them from amazon here!

My friend Heather made this AWESOME gender reveal cake!

I forgot to take a photo of the inside, but it was the color of my baby gender! (Gotta wait until the end)

I gave her a sonogram photo to color the inside of the cake for me once we found out!

The cake topper is from hobby lobby $3 (click here) A link to an alternative is here

We painted it gold because the colors didn’t exactly match the shade of pink and blue we had.

An awesome party snack that isn’t too costly, get vanilla/chocolate Oreos and Nutter Butters!

I went to the dollar store for these, I didn’t invite too many guests so it was easy to make enough to feed everyone!

I dipped them in blue and pink candy melts and added sprinkles!

Candy melts are roughly $10 a bag but you can probably find them cheaper if you look hard enough.

Click here to view the candy melts!

The pink and blue trays came from the dollar store but here is an alternative!!

One thing I did is purchase these drink containers from Walmart for $12.99 each (amazon alternative here) and grabbed pink and blue rubber duckies from walmart for like $3 per bag of ducks. (amazon ducks)

Whats good is I can reuse these for my baby shower or any other event I may have in the future.

Now, the punch idea was a bit of a fail. (We forgot the food coloring for the pink!)

BUT the recipe for “Pretty in pink” was Pineapple Sherbet, Pineapple juice and sprite

The recipe for “Little boy blue” was Blue Hawaiian Punch, with pineapple juice and sprite!

It was a big hit! If you don’t want to get name brand sprite, you can save money and go to your local dollar store for the off brand of course. My friend Amy gave me her awesome teacher hand writing skills and wrote on the tags for me fo freeee. 🙂

This was my favorite thing to make for this event I believe.. lol or maybe my second favorite. It’s called “unicorn popcorn.”

The ingredients are:

  • kettle corn OR popcorn (also something you can get at the dollar store)
  • candy melts in blue and pink
  • sprinkles and pink food coloring spray

Basically toss it all in a bowl with a spatula and TADA! It was DELICIOUS! I used kettle corn and it was wonderful!

I had to throw in SOME comedy with this gender reveal!

Hershey’s chocolate (MINIS) I colored in the (HE) r (SHE)y pink and blue and did with and without almonds.

This can get a little pricey so I would recommend m&ms for a less costly idea although if you want pink and blue, it might be cheaper to do the Hershey idea instead!

The coloring in of the bars were VERY time consuming, so this is cool if you already have kids and they want to help out.

(Pink and blue containers came from the dollar store as well)

Cotton candy is a big one for my mom, so I thought it would be a cute fun idea!

– Be aware hot weather will make it melt, so this may be best for an indoor party!

My mom did SUCH an awesome job on this for me. I started it, and it was pitiful and kinda ugly. She took it and redid it for me and it turned out PERFECT! This dum dum flower bowl was a PRECIOUS addition for my reveal!

Pink Dum Dums

Blue Dum Dums

I also did pretzels and strawberry wafers dipped in candy melts, another good dollar store favorite that goes a long way!

This one was probably the most time consuming (food wise) but most fun to make and tasted SO GOOD!!

“Unicorn cheesecake dip” (minus the green food coloring)

        It consists of:

  • 12oz Cream Cheese
  • 1 cup plain yogurt
  • 1/4 sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla

You’ll mix all of the ingredients in a bowl, I highly suggest a blender. Then separate into two different bowls, add food coloring and then slowly add both colors in a big bowl together and lightly stir it. Serve with gram crackers or nilla wafers!!

Also pictured are rice crispies dipped in candy melts, it was probably the biggest crowd pleaser, but this one is more expensive and the dollar store only had name brand so theres no avoiding that one. (Get mini crisps so they stay the correct shape)

I couldn’t forget pink and blue rock candy! That was a must have for myself! haha!

“BABY” letters came from hobby lobby, they ran out of gold and only had silver so I had to spray paint them gold myself. The little baby decor came from hobby lobby, walmart and the dollar store.

I bought this “Old Wifes Tale” photo off etsy and had it professionally printed and put in a frame I already had lying around!

It probably cost me around $10 because the print was $5 and I found an online sale for 16×20 prints online!


And LASTLY—- the most expensive disposable box I have ever had a hand in making!!

The box was free- my boyfriend was sweet enough to combine two boxes together to make it so big and another to make a lid.

Then we used wrapping paper from Hobby Lobby x3 @ $5 a roll.

I bought the letters $3 from Hobby lobby, but painted them black because the original colors didn’t look right.

I had made the bow and bought the beads also from hobby lobby as well. My mom made an oops and hit a corner at party city while may friend Sarah was filling it up with the gender balloons, so we had to repair it with new wrapping paper luckily I had extra.

Altogether this box PROBABLY cost me $50 or so to make (LOL) which DEFINITELY can be done a LOOOOOT cheaper.

I’m just picky and wanted it to look a certain way.

To end this, I’m having a BABY BOY!!!!!

 I can’t wait for baby Finley to come into the world. He’s already SO loved.

More to come!

Special shout out to- My mom // Amy // Heather and Sarah! I couldn’t have done it without you ladies.

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