September 13, 2017

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I’m so thrilled about my Canon t6i camera coming in!

I love it more than I expected to. Yes, I shoot a 5D Mark iv, and I would never give that camera up. BUT, it’s difficult when I’m photographing or videoing MYSELF.

This camera gives me the flexibility to see myself and know what my photos are going to look like instead of taking HOURS trying to perfect something.. I can now see exactly as I go! 🙂

The video quality is wonderful and using it for youtube videos is a total game changer. No more running back and forth trying to see myself, I can flip the screen and photograph exactly what I need! below is an image taken on the t6i!!

There is a definite difference between the 5dmark iv and the t6i especially with over $2,000 between the two.. however if you are starting out the price difference is very large, I would suggest saving your money, buying a t6i and going with a more expensive lens.

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