5 Ways to reduce Overwhelm in your Business and Daily life


May 1, 2020

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Do you often feel yourself drowning in work? For some reason it always seems like before you can accomplish one thing, another NEW thing comes up?


The truth is most people feel this way whether they show it or not.


Your business will always have new ventures, new things coming and going. There will always be someone out there who seems as if they have it all together, but they have their struggles too.


It’s easy to look at this in a negative perspective. But with a little change in your mindset, this is easy to turn from a negative feeling into a positive.


There are so many amazing things going on in the world. Remember what makes you feel motived. Hold on to that feeling you get when you feel like you are in the right direction.


How do we avoid that feeling of being overwhelmed and frustrated?


I’m going to give you 5 tips on how to reduce that feeling of being stressed and overwhelmed in your business and day to day life.


  1. Start off your morning by doing something relaxing. Begin your morning with yoga, a prayer, a cup of coffee, daily meditation, a hot shower, a nice breakfast, a morning stretch, kiss your children good morning.. whatever gives you that sense of normal. Start off your day off right in that positive way. 
  2. Remind yourself daily of what you are thankful for. Keep a list of what you’re thankful for. Add to this list daily. It can be something practical or something like your great grandmothers china that she left you before you were born. This is something that would be awesome to reflect back at the end of the year.
  3. Remember all of your accomplishments and reflect back on them. It’s easy to forget all of the things you’ve done, where you’ve come from and how much you have grown. Reflecting back every couple of months reminds you of the growth you are doing, and it’s a reminder of where you are going.
  4. Give to others. Small acts of kindness and generosity keep you humble, and give a reminder of the little things in life. Give back to a charitable cause. A friend. Family. Find someone and give back to. Teach. Grow.
  5. When in doubt, find a spark of positivity. It’s so easy to get into that negative mindset. Listen to daily aspirations and quotes. Hype yourself up and remember that all the stress will fade, and the outcome is worth the ride.


How do you handle frustration and overwhelm? I would love to hear below!

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