5 Tricks For Capturing Excellent Portraits In Natural Light


May 1, 2020

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In order to capture excellent portraits, the key is to head out and search for the best natural lighting. You might think that natural lighting is affordable and available quite easily. However, there are a few cons attached to natural lightings. Sometimes, you would come across aggressive shadows and the other times, the natural light would just not combine forces to produce a breathtaking shot! Nonetheless, you do not need to fear as we are here! We are going to share 5 valuable tricks for capturing detailed photos while taking natural lighting into use. So, here we begin!
  1. Capture photos during blue hour
Blue hour is basically a period after the sunset and before the sunrise. In this particular hour, a dark blue hue is produced on the sky which makes photography exceptional due to the unique natural effect of the light. So, make sure that you never miss out on the blue hour if natural lighting photography is what you are looking for.
  1. Capture photos during golden hour
Golden hour is a famous phase for all the photographers out there. Almost everyone is aware of the golden hour because of the intense effect that it is known to produce. However, the most common problem with the golden hour is its “time”. Not everyone can afford to take out time during the golden hour. Nonetheless, you are lucky enough to experience the golden hour twice a day. So, our advice is to make full use of the warmer sunlight in order to avoid aggressive and harsh shadows in the pictures.
  1. Overcast conditions are the best
Although the weather is never in your hands. But, as a photographer, you should always be on your toes and in search of the best climatic conditions. During overcast weather, the clouds partially cover the sunlight, producing mesmerizing portrait shots. Do keep a check on the weather app in order to avoid heavy rainfall or maybe keep an umbrella with you!
  1. Search for natural reflectors
Reflectors are a great tool for professional photographers. However, when you are out and have no one by your side, then who will hold the reflector? So, forget about reflectors and search for natural reflectors instead. Oftentimes, it happens that the natural light does not come into direct contact with your subject. Therefore, search for white walls or pavements as they will become your natural reflectors in the best possible way. Also, make sure to station your subject properly.
  1. Hunt for an appropriate location
For natural portrait photography, the location matters a lot. Hence, reach out for an appropriate location beforehand for no hassles whatsoever. In this manner, you will have complete information about the dynamics of the natural light and you would be able to adjust your session according to it. EndNote So, folks! Remember, it is not too hard and technical to get the best portrait shot by incorporating natural light. However, you should have faith in our basic tricks listed above for nailing natural lighting portrait photography.

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