5 Tips to being a profitable Photographer during Covid-19 2020


March 30, 2020

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1. Offer Giftcards

If you aren’t offering gift cards to clients, I would HIGHLY suggest you start doing it now! This is a fantastic way for previous clients to support you and your work. You can even offer tipped based photo sessions that are redeemable at a later date!

2. Start a blog

What better way to pass the time than starting a new blog! Are you tech-savvy? Do you enjoy cooking? Are you an expert in a specific niche’? Why not look into using your free time to start a blog. This can create traffic to your website, instagram, etc. and could have positive benefits for your company.

3. Youtube

Now, if you know me you know I HATE being infront of the camera. I nitpick everything. My face, the way I talk, my weight, anything I see I criticize. BUT, if you aren’t like me and love talking or being on camera, why not start a youtube channel? Everyone is indoor finding things to watch, this could be a great time to be discovered!

4. Create content during creative boredom

This kind of reverts back to blogging and youtube, but this could also mean creating new work you never considered before. Self portraits? Child portraits? Pet photography? Styled shots of your home decor? The creativity could be endless and this as well could benefit your career once we are over Covid-19!

5. Network

And lastly, NETWORK. Talk to that company or model you’ve been dreaming of working with. Set up a future photoshoot and start planning while you’re indoors. Utilizing your free time to be productive could really help sustain your business or grow in the future.

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