5 SIMPLE tips for improving Portraits INSTANTLY


March 30, 2020

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5. Make your styling monochromatic to the background.


Styling your subject to the background can make this look intentional and give your photos an advantage over not thinking the photo out before hand. You want your model to look like they were made for this background, for their photograph. There are times contrasting happens, but its very pleasing to have a monochromatic photograph.


4. Add Bokeh.

Bokeh is eye-catching, it’s beautiful.. it’s all around PLEASING.

One of my favorite backgrounds has to be lights on buildings, hanging lights, lamps, lanterns, etc. These can bring so much to an image!

If you feel like an image is boring, creating bokeh, (this is with a 1.2 lens) can create so much interest to a flat image.

3. Be intentional when framing your subject.


I cannot express enough how important framing a photo is! If you are a beginner think about the rule of thirds. Do you want the subject center? Off to the left? Off to the right? In a corner? When taking photographs you need to think heavily about how you want to frame your client or model.


2. Have the sun BEHIND your subject.


I cannot stress this ENOUGH. Now, this isn’t for everyone. There are BEAUTIFUL portraits in the hard sun but this is typically High fashion photography or planned photoshoots. HOWEVER, if you are new to photographing I strongly suggest photographing paid clients with the sun behind until you master harsh lighting or flash.

1. Create a Mood board on interest for ideas.


Planning a photoshoot in advance with styling, hair, makeup, (even if you are doing it yourself and styling from goodwill) Can make an image look SO professional. You can get creative and be a jack of all trades! I advise using a site like Pinterest to build mood boards to share with your model, clients, hair, make up, stylist etc. This can make a drastic creative difference in your images.

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