April 1, 2020

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  Photoshoots for brands can be SO creative, and very fun to make. It’s something I enjoy doing for other businesses, brands and companies. If you’re wanting to execute and portray your business EXACTLY the way you want, Follow these steps to prep for your brand photoshoot! Remember this is your brand. You want to depict your story that suits you and tell a story of yourself and how you want your clients to feel when seeing them. This can sometimes be their first look into who you are. Most people like to see a face with someone they may be working with. It makes them feel more personable and comfortable with you, especially when they know they’re going to meet you in the future. Remember, with these images you need both Horizontal and Vertical for design work such as your website, facebook, instagram and pinterest and more!   Lets begin!!

10 Steps to prepare for your photoshoot:

  • 1. Brand Research.
When you begin, think about the direction you want to go with your images. If you aren’t sure of your brand direction consider doing a little online research for your niche and other brands you look up to. See what others are doing in your field and what makes it special and specific to you and your brand! This could be colors, keywords, objects or items that represent your niche, and the mood of your photos. Now, I don’t advise on duplicating others work but brand off ideas, merge them and think of new ideas for you own.    
  • 2. Figure out your target audience.
How old is your customer? Are they single are they married? Young? Older? Do they have long hair or short hair? Do they like animals? Who is the person you want to cater your brand to. A lot of this goes into who you are talking to. I would make sure you have a defined dream client before starting.  
  • 3. Mood Board/Shot list
I HIGHLY recommend creating a Pinterest board to share with your photographer. Collect 15-30 different images to show your photographer but I advise pulling 10 of them as your shot list inspiration for the photoshoot. Going back to the theme and mood of your shoot, this helps your photographer visualize what you’re expecting and helps keep you both on the same page! If you utilize this shot list it will help you remember what it is you’re wanting to do without using memory and forgetting your ideas. This can really enhance the professionalism of your photos. Make extra boards for hair, make up and clothing ideas to revert back to. I find this gets me even more excited for a shoot!  
  • 4. Location. Location. LOCATION.
Take a trip around your town to different places before hand and take some photos in areas you would like to use for your session. I tend to use the internet for help when looking for places. This is really helpful if you plan to travel for your photoshoot as well. Preferably I enjoy going on location vs. using a studio. However, if you want studio images be sure to think about colors of the backdrops. The location can really make or break a session. So take this into consideration.  
  • 5. Find a photographer who fits your vision!
When you’re planning your photoshoot, I highly advise looking up photographers local to the area OR consider paying a travel fee for them to come to your location of choice. One of the biggest complaints I see are customers saying they chose the wrong photographer to convey their brand. Sometimes you can come across a photographer who is able to style and set up what you’re looking for or may know of somebody who could style you and have access to locations you may not have access to.  
  • 6. Book Hair, Makeup and a Stylist if you have the budget.
After booking with your photographer I definitely advise working with hair, makeup and wardrobe. This can take a regular photo and give it that professional feel you were looking for. Photography is only one element of this session.  
  • 7. Make this a reason to buy new clothes!
What woman doesn’t like a reason for buying new clothes? Think about color. My personal favorite is orange against greenery, its so pretty! Don’t forget hair ties, glasses, watches, Jewlery, shoes, and other pieces that go along with your wardrobe.  
  • 8. Props
Props are one of the most important parts of a shoot. This takes a photo from an awkward stare to giving you something to do in the images making it feel like what you’re doing is really happening in the moment. A few prop ideas can be: Computers/Laptops/Mouse/Trackpad Coffee/Favorite drink Plants/Flowers Food/Dessert Notebook/Pen and so much more!  
  • 9. Treat yourself!
Depending on the amount of time you have before your photoshoot, treat yourself! For example: Manicure Pedicure (if wearing open toe shoes) Eyebrow wax Eyelash extensions Spray tan (I advise 2 days before shoot) Teeth whitening Hair cut/Color (I advise 1-2 weeks before just in case something happens) Facial/Spa day I always recommend drinking plenty of water the week before and cutting carbs if your weight is something you are worried about. This helps reduce bloat! These are all things you can do before hand to make you feel your best before your shoot.  
  • 10. Be prepared 
The night before your shoot, go ahead and iron your clothes. Put your jewelry items, shoes and hair pieces together. Make sure you get plenty of sleep. Wash and exfoliate your face. (Your make up artist will thank you lol) (Don’t drink anything that can stain your teeth)   Don’t stress out about your session! Have fun and enjoy yourself! Roll with it and make it your own! You can ALWAYS do more sessions!    

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