Melissa and I have been discussing this photoshoot for like 4 years now! I’m so glad we were finally able to get together for this fun little project. 🙂 What happens when you take a wedding dress and a swamp and mash them together? Well, you’re about to see! 2016-11-12_0005 This image was taken BEFORE we decided to trash the dress. 🙂 2016-11-12_0003 ANDDDD… this is after I, Tristan Duplichain… got ahold of it. >:) 2016-11-12_0007 We had a pretty fun time “ripping” Melissa’s heart out. hehe 2016-11-12_0008 2016-11-12_0004And lastly, I had to make her give a sexy pose for the camera!

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