I’ve known Matt and Courtney for quite some time! I knew Matt a few years before he started dating Courtney, and since they’ve met, I can proudly say they have been one of the funniest, most sarcastic couples I have ever known. Their humor is absolutely HILARIOUS and it was nothing short of comical when I took their photos. Courtney actually tattooed my little elephant on my rib last year and I have sang Karaoke with Matt since I turned 18. ^.^ They’re an exciting pair, and if you don’t know them, you should!

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I am so proud of this photo above! I can’t believe Matt looks so well-behaved! 😉 This photo was kind of my goal. 😉 I asked him to be sweet and serious and he actually did it! LOL

These two had me crying throughout the day! Don’t you love the “Achievement unlocked” prop that Courtney made? She did such a fantastic job! If you need tattoo work or drawing commissions, she is your go to girl! We had a decision to make to choose between Lakeshore and Natchez Trace, I’m glad we went with this location, it was just perfect! I’m honored to be photographing their engagements, and can’t wait to share the entire blog with you later this week!

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