There is often so much stress in the world, that people forget exactly why they started what they are doing or why they began their business in the first place.   Today is a reminder of why I love what I do, and why I am doing it. They may not be the greatest reasons, but they matter to me!  

  1. The art: I like to manipulate the world I see around me. I view the world in a different way, and I like to express that through my images. Photoshop is merely a tool in my finished product. I don’t like to rely on it, but I definitely enjoy using it.


  1. Meeting a variety of people: I enjoy making new friends and getting to meet new people. Often I run across some who don’t have high confidence levels, and after spending time with them and seeing a finished product, their faces will light up and they will be much more confident in themselves. It’s a beautiful thing and I feel great in knowing I can make someone feel better about them selves.


  1. The experience: Being apart of someone’s wedding day, or an editorial piece is truly an exciting experience. I have cried at a clients wedding out of sheer beauty that the couple expresses for one another. I myself hope to find that some day, and I get excited when I can capture someone else’s special moment.


  1. The progression: There have been plenty of times I felt I could photograph something better, or I look back and wish I had used a different technique. It’s all about getting better and I am able to challenge myself day by day. Looking back and seeing how much better my work has grown is an awesome experience! Before and after’s of the same client are so stinking awesome!!! 😀


  1. Being my own boss: I’ve worked for plenty of companies, and I must say, I love being my own boss. It’s a VERY fun job. Being able to support myself and my business is extremely difficult, but having my own rules…..RULES!


  1. Locations: I love my job being it gives me the opportunity to photograph at places, or visit places not many are able to go. I’ve gone hours, even states away to photograph for clients! I love the memories that come out of road trips!


  1. The awesome gear I get to use: Lets face it, photography costs a LOT of money in good equipment. I save to get the latest gear. I also don’t feel bad about buying things used. I LOVE gadgets and gismos and the fact I get to play with them all day long is fun in itself.


  1. The awesome food: This is a silly one, but I getting to eat at new places around the state, or even in other states…. It’s SO COOL!! I find myself craving delicacies that I can’t just get every day. So if I’m ever traveling, I always have go-to places to visit and eat.


  1. The network: I love networking. With clients, other artists, it never gets boring. I somehow befriend many graphic designers. Their personalities are just hilarious! Networking is time consuming and sometimes stressful, but it pays off in the end!


  1. Seeing your work in magazines: This has to be my favorite of the 10. Seeing my work published is such a joyous feeling. It makes me so proud of myself. Some shoots are in 110 degree weather or run 8 hours long. You feel like you’re going to pass out and maybe even die at times, but after the issues come out, the feeling you get is absolutely worth it!!